Golden Rules of Shopping.

For busy women who want to maintain an office style while being romantic and stylish at the same time.

I’ll admit right away that I’m a terribly spontaneous shopper. Spending hours on end strolling through shops simply exhausts me, and I end up feeling drained and dissatisfied. Recently, I found myself in the middle of an air-conditioned department store, covered in sweat, firmly convinced that nothing suits me—nothing from all six floors of stores, and I don’t even know how many hundreds of square meters.

But when friends ask me to help them with shopping, I magically transform into an expert shopper who can efficiently and creatively find the necessary items. So, what should you do?


Plan in advance and make a list. Spontaneous purchases can sometimes be fun, but if you truly need specific items, I definitely recommend having a list. Beautifully dressed mannequins are not there just for show, and although they can give you outfit ideas, know that they can also be persuasive. Especially when you absolutely need to buy that green skirt, but it’s not your style and doesn’t go with anything in your wardrobe. Knowing what you need will also prevent you from aimlessly wandering through endless stores and boutiques.

Wear beautiful underwear. When you’re uncomfortable in your undergarments, everything you wear will look awful. If you’re buying pants, make sure you’re wearing appropriate underwear, tights, socks, and shoes. This also applies to blouses and everything else you might purchase. Recently, I bought myself a new winter coat, and although it was quite warm outside, I still wore a thick sweater because trying on a coat over a thin t-shirt is not the same as wearing it over a bulky sweater in winter.

Most importantly, think before you act. Once, I was in a store and browsing through the lingerie department. Of course, I found the absolutely perfect “I-can’t-live-without-this” strapless bra. It was made just for me! Thankfully, I thought to ask about the price before pulling out my credit card. I’m so glad I did because it was way beyond my budget at 15,000 rubles. I mumbled some illogical excuse and rushed out of the store. And most importantly, don’t forget about your feelings—it’s important to feel comfortable in every aspect of your purchase! Happy shopping to you!


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