Choosing Clothing Shades to Match Your Skin Tone

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where you excitedly order a dress online, only to discover upon delivery that it looks dull and completely different on you than it does on the model. To avoid this, take heed of a few expert tips to easily determine which colors look best with your skin tone. So here are some recommendations to keep in mind before making a purchase from your favorite store.

Light Skin Tones
If you have a fair complexion, opt for darker shades such as dark burgundy, navy blue, emerald green, and royal purple. The contrast will accentuate your features and enhance your complexion.

Try to avoid wearing pastels and lighter neutral shades if your skin tone is on the paler side of the color spectrum. These colors will blend with your skin, creating a washed-out look. Unfortunately, for those who love a black and white wardrobe, these colors are also not highly recommended for fair skin. While some contrasts work very well, black and white create too much contrast, making you appear even paler than usual.

Medium Skin Tones

For those with warmer olive tones, it is recommended to stick to the sunset spectrum, such as rich orange and yellow hues. If you decide to experiment with cooler colors, go for a warmer shade. Bright turquoise in the blue spectrum or deep plum in the purple shades would be perfect.

Try to avoid shades that are on the opposite end of the spectrum, especially cool blues or purples.

Dark Skin Tones
Ladies, you can thank the stars because black, white, cool, warm—almost everything works for you! Whether you choose a mustard summer dress or a lilac jacket, you can be confident that it will suit you regardless! Your wardrobe can be as diverse as your personality. The only color to steer clear of is brown! And I think it won’t be difficult since there are plenty of other alternative colors, such as emerald green.


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