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Fundamentally renovated and partially restored the rooves of buildings

The problem of the rooves of buildings is the mօst important in Artashat. Perhaps this is the reason, that the newly elected leader of the city Argam Abrahamyan immediately has embarked on their reconstruction and partial renovation.
At the moment, there are already recorded results: fundamentally renovated Isakov Street No. 72, No. 74, No. 16, Ararat Street No.1, Khandjyan Street No.16, Yerevan street No. 1, Patkanyan street 62/4, the rooves of buildings of the Factory Street No. 2.
Partially renovated the rooves of more than 60 apartment buildings.
The town hall assures that the process will not be interrupted, this issue must be resolved through the urban economy as soon as possible.

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