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Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

Living life in the public eye can often be unforgiving! It seems that fame makes it so that you’re not allowed to have moments where you let yourself go. We all deserve a break from the constant workouts and eating healthy all the time. But when you have an army of paparazzi following you around, every flaw and roll can be noticed. How many times has a celeb received heat for gaining five pounds? Considering we’re a society that’s on its way towards body positivity and fighting against any sort of body shaming, our treatment of celebrities is rather ironic! Yet, we can look at these celebs who seriously let themselves go and use it as an opportunity to see how relatable these celebs can be! We as a society seem to enjoy judging famous people, even when they go through the natural cycle of aging and body changes. But in Hollywood, that’s unforgivable it seems!

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