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Top 10 Most Luxurious Trains In The World

10. Indian Pacific

This train is mainly running between two big oceans, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean since 1970. The train also moves between Sydney and Perth by covering almost 4352km. Mostly the journey of this train is of 4 days and three nights by covering all attractive areas of Australia. It also stop

9. Palace on Wheels

It is the first train of India that is offering hotel services in it. It was established in 1982. After its start up till now it is gaining popularity rapidly. It offers a long week journey to all passengers and also gave a chance to explore attractive places of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Agra, etc.This train offers many luxurious services to its passengers like bar, spa, restaurants, first class rooms, etc.

8. Blue Train

This blue train is located in South Africa and has won an award for leading luxury train two times. It mostly travels from Pretoria to Cape Town, which is covered in almost 27 hours. It was started in 1946 and still much luxurious train due to its proper maintenance. It basically has two sets of train in which one can accommodate almost 52 guests while another one can accommodate 80 passengers. It also has custom made beds for its passengers. The cost charged by this train is $1,217 each night.

7. Pride of Africa

It is located in South Africa and provide a memorable journey to all its passengers of wilderness. The journey and areas covered by this train are more appropriate for photographers and artists as it is full of natural beauty. It covers about 2000 miles in only nine days traveling through deserts, etc. This train can only accommodate 72 passengers. It provides many facilities to its passengers like dining cars, kitchen, smoking lounge and royal suites as well. The cost charged by this train is $2,075 each night.

6. Eastern & Oriental Express

This train provides an amazing landscape of many different places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand as well. It offers you to travel through forests, mountains, temples, etc. Its compartments are made with all luxuries for its passengers. It also has two hotels in it with specialized chefs. The cost charged by this train is almost $1,583 each night.

5. Rocky Mountaineer

This train is best for people who want to explore the culture and beauty of Canada. It offers the people a 12 days journey to the natural beauty. This train is also awarded as the world leading travel experience by train almost seven times. It offers four types of services like Gold Leaf, Silver leaf, red leaf and Whistler service. The gold leaf is the most luxurious one with full of luxuries and facilities. Journey by this train is full of adventures and provides the passengers lifetime memories with them.

4. Venice Simplon Orient Express

It is one of the most authentic trains all over the world. It travels through Paris to Istanbul on a trip of 6 days. The design and look of this whole train will take you to 1920`s. It also has a shop in it for passengers. The cost charged by this train is almost $1,900 each night which is expensive to be affordable by everyone.

3. Royal Scotsman

It is the best option for people who want to enjoy 5-star services with most luxurious environment. It can only accommodate 36 passengers. The rail mainly takes its passengers to the most attractive places in Scotland. The rooms in this train have private bathrooms with them. It also offers a library for people. The price charged by this rail is $2,216 each night.

2. Golden Eagle Trans- Siberian Express

This expensive rail is constructed in Russia. It provides the best service to visit the beauty of Siberia. It was started in 2007 and is the main attraction for tourists going there. It also provides the opportunity to visit the largest freshwater lake that is the main attraction. It has two hotels in it. It also provides services of piano for the entertainment of people. The cost charged by this luxurious rail is almost $2,142 each night.

1. Maharaja Express

This train is very expensive and luxurious with full of facilities for the passengers. This train awarded as world leading luxury train in 2012. This rail is best for people who want to explore the culture and beauty of India. This rail can only accommodate almost 88 passengers. It also has luxurious bars for the enjoyment of people. It mainly covers many beautiful places of India like Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Bikaner, etc. It also offers luxurious suites according to the needs of passengers. The cost charged by this train is $3,385. It is the most luxurious train in India.

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